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Who: Parent & Child (birth-4 years)
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our First Demo Class

After a long day at her day care job, Caitlin arrived at my house before 6 pm.  Unfortunately the instrument shipment we were tracking by UPS that was "out for delivery" since 8:00 am had NOT arrived.  We sorted all our instruments and supplies, moved all the furniture except one table and the piano out of the music room and fed the four grandchildren earlier in the day.  At 6:15 pm my friend Amanda and her almost 11 week old baby, Savannah, arrived for the class.  After assessing our physical space we made a quick call to a high school classmate of my daughter Becky, who also happens to have children in the day care where Caitlin works inviting them to participate too.  They could make it!  Perfect We had all the right dynamics for a small class--a lap baby, an infant, two two year olds, two four year olds, and a five year old.

Since the xylophone and glockenspiel had not arrived we planned to use the piano as a sub for the glock and just since the falling thirds keeping the rhythm on our knees.  Rolling the ball, our first activity was a bit spirited since this was an evening class and all children were trying hard to keep themselves awake with hyperactivity.  By the time we started singing "Cuckoo" they were all catching on to following directions much better.  The lollipop drum was a huge success with almost everyone taking their own turn.  Baby Savannah watched it with animation.  Tommy Tucker, Pop Goes the Weasel, Michael Finnegan, and Humpty Dumpty went fairly well for our first attempt, especially since I have laryngitis and Caitlin was leading almost every activity vocally.  The children didn't seem to mind and little Lexi, our lap baby, was patting her legs in anticipation for each rhyme.  Dancing with scarves was a huge success!  And while we were dancing, the instruments arrived!!!  That UPS man was the hero of the day!

We actually accomplished the high/low/up/down listening with the piano, subbing for the glock while Muffin, my dear husband/grandpa/photographer opened the packages and assembled the xylophone.  I ran in the other room and removed all the bars we didn't need and brought it in to Caitlin just in time to sing while she was teaching all in the circle to tap right and left knees and sing the instructions.  After that it was all smooth sailing with tremendous kudos from the Moms who loved watching their children be so animated and engaged with the activities.  Everyone helped to fold scarves as well.

As a note to this class I need to mention that Roo, one of our twin granddaughters, was uncomfortable with participating after a few songs.  It was all a little too social and we had not properly prepared her for interacting with children she did not know well.  The adult/child ratio was a bit off too; my three daughters were there with four children, Lexi and Little Jonah's Mom attended without her husband, and Savannah's Dad was flying tonight.  Grandpa stepped in to help and Caitlin and I helped as well, but the uncertainty of who was paired with whom attributed to Roo leaving the class. However, she returned to peer through the French doors of the room during the last activities.  The best part of the evening was hearing three of my Grands tell me that they loved "Marmee's Music Class."

Ultimately I see a dream fulfilled on several levels: establishing a music school to build music education from birth to high school in Abilene, teaching parents to love their children and to honor one another in their families, and nurturing Dr. Suzuki's dream through his godly principles in education of  changing the world through music. He never intended for all violin, piano, cello, viola, bass, guitar, or flute students to be professional musicians, but that they would be more noble persons who would honor one another and never again engage in war against one another. This is a small beginning, dropping a pebble in the water in the pond that is Abilene, TX to create a wave touching many shores.

And the icing on the cake is that I am now officially registered.


Kim mangum said...

congratulations Joyce! So proud of you and happy for the impact you will have to this pond called Abilene!
Wish Brylee was close enough to participate. What is the cost .
Love you !
Kim Mangum

Becky at "Cheese My Head" said...

love that pic of Gracie - and the blog looks great!