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When: Every Thursday, 5:30 pm
Where: 2118 Crestline Drive
Who: Parent & Child (birth-4 years)
Cost: First Class is FREE
Phone: 325.829.4440/ 325.668.3189

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby Music's first evening

Tonight we had three children and seven adults in our class.  Two were infants of six months and the third, a two year old toddler girl.  All three were very engaged in the activities, although our toddler was quite distracted by the toys in the room.  The good news is that same toddler LOVES having a mallet in her hands!  And she sings and loves books.  We read "Goodnight Moon", but didn't turn out the lights since it would have been total darkness and we didn't want to startle anyone.

My favorite activity with the the children tonight was dancing to the Minuet with scarves.  The parents were all very good about playing with the children and being creative and rhythmic, so the little ones were very responsive and smiling.  Toddler A was clearly voting for the glockenspiel, lollipop drum, and xylophone activities as her favorites.  She took a turn voluntarily on each, and would have played more.

This is sooooo much fun!  Our brochures are printed and folded and being distributed.  The CD's and booklets for the curriculum are ready to sell. Our sign up sheet has three interested families.  I'm ready to teach and so is Caitlin!  We even have a couple of students who want to be helpers with us.

If you want more information about Baby Music of Abilene classes, the curriculum or skills, please contact us at 325-829-4440, or 325-668-3189.

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