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Thursday, November 3, 2011

What a great week!

The photos are from the Tuesday morning class, but both classes were full of "firsts" this week and so much fun!  Miss K and Mr. A loved dancing with the new shakers I bought in Mexico.  They demonstrated more language, kept the beat with perfection, stacked drums, played on the cue of "fall" in Humpty Dumpty, and behaved with respect.  Miss Caitlyn and Mrs. Joyce were so excited and encouraged.

Thursday night's class was our first big class of all boys, ranging in age from 15 months to 3 years.  Little K's Mom had a cake crisis tonight, and they were absent.  Two of our boys, Mr. H and Mr. L, brothers, were attending their first class with both parents.  First of all we witnessed Mr. N roll the ball by himself. Then we saw everyone in the class offer their handshake as we sang the greeting song.  Several boys put the puppy on their shoulder or said "Tommy" as we sang Tommy Tucker.  All boys were happy to perform solos on the glockenspiel and xylophone. There were softer hands tonight, choices in songs, with two or three preferring our new song of the week for falling thirds :
Falling leaves, falling leaves, falling from the Autumn trees

Mr. B reached up and down without his Mom's prompting for high and low pitches. Drum solos were initiated by each child, even NBaby!  Additionally three of the boys played beats on their knees in perfect sync with our songs.  We had some awesome popping on cue with Pop Goes the Weasel. Criss-Cross was a big hit tonight. Wee Willie Winkie was called "Willie" by Mr. J, who offered us his most charming smiles and best behavior.  Dancing with the shakers was fun to "Jamaican Rumba" played by Brian Lewis, violinist.  We love that the piano plays a glissando just like we demonstrate on the glockenspiel.   The most exciting "first" of the evening was NBaby walking around the circle--his first steps alone! There was both participation and total quiet as Mrs. Joyce read Brown Bear.   I think we all wore one another completely out with excitement tonight.  It was AWESOME!  

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