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When: Every Thursday, 5:30 pm
Where: 2118 Crestline Drive
Who: Parent & Child (birth-4 years)
Cost: First Class is FREE
Phone: 325.829.4440/ 325.668.3189

Friday, January 9, 2015

Spring Semester Music Class, 2015

With temperatures barely in the 30's perhaps we should call this Bleak Midwinter Semester, 2015.  Tonight was our first class of the new semester and we had a new/old friend return for class, Mr. M and Mom.  His maturity since we last saw him in class is astonishing and all his efforts to play instruments, sing, and participate in the circle were enthusiastically praised.  We especially enjoyed hearing him count ducks and drums and spell "Moo" for the three cows of Ring Around the Rosie.  Way to go!

Sadly, people were missing tonight due to illnesses and fevers and other reasons, but we hope to see everyone next week at 5:45 or a bit earlier if you can get here.  Don't forget that this is one of the few Suzuki Early Childhood classes in the Lone Star State.  It is an incredible opportunity to feed little minds, stimulate musical learning, build motor skills, encourage pre-reading skills and so much more.  Baby Music of Abilene is committed to helping you learn more about educating your child and being a great parent.  Plus, we have FUN!  As I mentioned on our FaceBook page (  don't ever say there is nothing to do in Abilene with babies and toddlers!  We are here weekly, Spring, Summer, and Fall Semesters.

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