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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun Day

As the morning class fills with more children we have more and more fun. Three or four grandmas are bringing their granddaughters, and one comes with a grandson. Another mom comes as often as she can with her daughter, and one mom comes weekly with her fairy daughter.  I call her that because she is so tiny, with big eyes and looks like she would be perfect with a wand in her hand as she holds the mallets and plays.

Each week I see progress in learning. Today I observed that "Children learn from other children" and "Practice makes Permanent."   Since my partner, Caitlin, is teaching at a permanent sub job in the public school general music program, I have the morning class alone.  The children who have been coming showed the new student, K, how to sit down in the circle and not stand all the time.  They also taught her how to take turns.  It was fascinating to see that A, the lonely little boy, knew when it was time to use the drum. He brought it to me!  And he also modeled perfectly how to sit and play the xylophone.  Little girl A was a model of quiet behavior.  Little girl B, whose Mom is probably a tiny bit frustrated with her lack of participation, actually almost played the xylophone alone and was exceptionally engaged in dancing with the scarves, which also translated well to the other children.  Each one who has practiced sharing turns showed much discipline in that today. The other discipline I noticed was that those who have attended before began folding the scarves when the music finished. And yet another discipline was in putting the mallets away at the end of playing Scrambled Eggs.  Practice=Discipline=Permanent.

Hey y'all!  Children learn from other children!  Keep playing your CD's on the days that you eat.

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