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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exciting Observations!

Wow!  Miss Caitlin and I are so excited to see so many indications of rapid and deep learning in our two classes.  We notice that ball rolling has become less of a "me" activity and more of a "we" activity. Some children always give Caitlin and I a turn as well. Thank you! And as soon as "Cuckoo" is sung there is awareness that each person gets to hold the ball close for a turn.  Most exciting is more language and finger play --everyone offered a handshake today; several attempted counting with fingers; all formed a bowl for porridge; all found a beat on the knees and on the hands; several tried to show us ducks, frogs, bugs, and snakes in the water.

Words and signs of encouragement were abundant: "good job," "way to go," hugs, smiles, thumbs up, sweet interactions, applause, nods, and "thank yous."

Today's favorite moments were:

  1. "Scrambled Eggs" on the xylophone.  Miss A sang and played today!
  2. Triangle.  Nice listening to the ring.  Miss K said it was a "doorbell."
  3. Rainstick.  Total quiet in the room and Miss P followed with her eyes and body all around the room.  
  4. Ring around the Rosie.  Such nice mooing, counting, and buttercup picking! 

We love your comments.  That's encouraging too!
For the next two weeks, please help Miss Caitlin by coming on time and staying quietly in the circle with your partner.  I will be rocking my new Grandboy.  
Love to you!

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