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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Children in both morning and evening classes are demonstrating new learning this week.  We see many offering their hands to shake in greeting with teachers, parents, and one another as we sing our greeting song.  Our newcomer was made to feel most welcome.   Almost everyone has learned to roll the ball on the floor now.  We heard plenty of language this week in the morning class--"Bow Wow Wow" with matching pitches, "Tommy Tucker," and everyone's favorite "Bubble Bath" song with falling thirds in the evening class.  I'm pleased to observe little ones coming into the circle on their own two feet and voluntarily also. 

I was delighted to see two children demonstrate their understanding of the words "cool breeze" in our Criss Cross poem when they cupped their hands and blew over them--just as in Pease Porridge.  Smart boys and girls!

Scarf dancing was tremendously creative this week.  Miss Caitlin and Mrs. Joyce also noticed several excellent models of finger play--Six Little Ducks, Up & Down, This Old Man, to name a few.  We're still working on holding up individual fingers, but most of us are just barely two years old or have just had our first birthday.  Taking turns and listening have become commonplace.  We are still working on keeping everyone in the circle with their adult partner, and the classes tend to be pretty chatty.  Better listening would indicate more learning and peace, I think.  Occasionally someone has an "off" day and fusses a little at not being selected for a solo or not being chosen first in an activity.  Still working on that discipline.  Several weeks we have see toddlers holding a shaker egg completely still in one hand while listening as the vocalist "talks" in part of Skip to my Lou.  Great job, everybody!  Thank you for coming to Baby Music!

Please leave a comment or observation if you are in the classes.  We love feedback!

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